About Rose Fire Energy Healing

Heather DiGaetano is the owner of Rose Fire Energy Healing located in the Neighborhood Of the Arts, Rochester NY. Heather is a Reiki Master, life coach, holistic health and wellness class facilitator, and nature enthusiast. Heather has worked in the mental health field for over 9 years through a non-profit organization. while serving in the residential. educational, and  home/community based settings.  Heather has several behavioral, crisis intervention and trauma training's throughout her experiences in the mental health field. Heather has always had an ability to deeply feel energy, and is happy to harness her ability in a way that serves others though effective and non-invasive healing. Heather is committed to empowering others on their healing journey through getting to the root of the problem, to ease human suffering, and  to live a happy and healthy life. Heather began her path of adopting a lifestyle of holistic health and wellness after experiencing her whole life with debilitating anxiety, coupled with regular and intense emotional and physical pain. Through holistic health and wellness, Heather has been able to live a happy and healthy life. with tools to better handle challenges.  As a result, it is Heather’s mission to grow in her business to share with others the tools that are available to each and every one of us.

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