About Reiki

 What is Reiki and how does it work? 

Reiki, also known as "the healing touch" originated from Japan and was discovered by Mikao Usiu in​ March 1922.

Reiki is a non invasive technique that can be done through touch for stress reduction/relaxation that also promotes self healing.  

Science confirms that everything is energy, including our physical bodies. Reiki works to remove past negative experiences/trauma from the chakras (energy centers) in our bodies as well as balance the chakras  to bring in positive, healing energy. If our chakras are blocked or unbalanced from negative or traumatic experiences, we can experience mental, emotional, and physical aliments. 

Reiki works in harmony with all kinds of western medical and psychological care.

Reiki can be helpful for those who are unable to verbalize their thoughts and feelings at the time, as the client receives healing benefits simply by relaxing/being present during the session. 

Many clients report feelings of joy, peace, well being, physical pain relief, weightlessness, deep relaxation, clarity, ect. during and following Reiki sessions.

What  are some specifics that Reiki can help with in conjunction with western medical care?

  •  Managing anxiety, depression, anger, grief, loss, loneliness, mood stability
  •  Develop or increase our understanding, memory, vitality, clarity, acceptance, self worth
  • Accelerated healing of broken and/or fractured bones.
  • Muscle tension/soreness
  • Detoxing/removing free radials from the body
  • Shifts in perspective to assist with breaking harmful subconscious thought patterns
  • Addictions
  • Meditation (very helpful for those who find meditation to be challenging, as Reiki facilitates deep relaxation).
  • Chronic illness/pain such as Fibromyalgia,
  • Cancer and shrinking tumors
  • Prevention of illness/immune system support
Consult with your physician prior to making medical changes.

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