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About Reiki

 I offer Reiki energy healing, which is a non-invasive Japanese technique for stress reduction that

promotes deep relaxation and healing.  I use singing bowls, tuning forks, rattles, crystals and essential oils during my sessions as well as connecting with the elements.  Reiki is done through touch or hovering the hands over the person’s body and chakras. There are seven major chakras, which are energy centers in the

body, each of which are responsible for different mental/emotional and physical functions.

Everything is energy, including our physical bodies. When we experience traumatic or difficult

experiences that we have not released, it can cause the chakras to become blocked or out of

balance, restricting healthy energy flow which can result in physical, mental, and emotional

aliments. Working with healing the chakras is a safe, non-invasive practice that gets to the root

of the problem, and it can work in harmony with the persons current Western medical treatment plan. 

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