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Distant Reiki Energy Healing

 I will work together with clients before and after the healing session via phone call to ensure optimal self healing results.  Distant energy healing allows the client to receive the benefits from the comfort of their own home.  Science confirms that everything is energy, and that energy is an intelligent force.  I will work together  and build a connection with you for ongoing support. My intentions are Love and healing, When we we work together and clients are in a receptive state, the energy healing will yield powerful results.  

 Energy travels at the speed of light,  and it is instant in our perception.  Many of us have experienced synchronicities or scenarios where we were just thinking of someone, and then we see them or hear from them.  This is a very basic example of how energy can travel. You have a connection to that person already.  When they start thinking about you, or you them, the connection already begins. 

1 hour sessions are $85. I accept HSA card payments. A  package can be purchased for a reduced rate of 5 sessions for $340 ($68 for ongoing one hour sessions) or 10 sessions for $600 ($60 for ongoing one hour sessions).