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In Person Reiki Energy Healing

The Reiki Energy Healing that I provide can assist with physical pain relief, stress relief, immune system support,  recovery from surgery, detoxing, grounding and protecting your energy, addictions, feelings identification, spirituality, mental health such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and more. Clients can expect their sessions to be performed in a safe, relaxing, professional environment with healing music, essential oils diffusing, candles burning, and a galaxy projector light that glistens on the ceiling as you relax into a peaceful, otherworldly experience. I include the use of crystals, oils, Palo Santo, singing bowls, rattles, and tuning forks to assist with brain entrainment, cellular regeneration, restoring balance in the body, and optimal healing. I offer to rub essential oils on the bottoms of clients feet to assist with immune system support and relaxation. Candles are burning in the background and my galaxy projector light glistens on the ceiling as you relax into a peaceful, otherworldly experience.  Clients will be asked if they have sensitivities to oils or herbs prior to use. If the client is interested, I will pull a single energy oracle card and chakra card for them during the session as a bonus, as well as provide clients with healing techniques that they can apply at home.


1 hour sessions are $85 for adults. 45 minutes sessions are $60 for children. I accept HSA card payments. A package for adults can be purchased for reduced rate of 5 sessions for $365 ($73 for ongoing 1 hour sessions).  A package for children can be purchased for a reduced rate of 5 sessions for $250 ($50 for ongoing 45 minute sessions).