Reiki therapy

Reiki clients can expect their sessions to be performed in a safe, relaxing, professional setting with peaceful music and essential oils diffusing. Clients will be asked  if they have any sensitivity to fragrance prior to the use of essential oils and burning herbs. Rose Fire Energy Healing includes the use of singing bowls and tuning forks to assist with brain entrainment and restoring balance in the body. 

 1 hour sessions are $75. I accept HSA card payments.  For ongoing sessions, a package can be purchased for a reduced rate of 5 sessions for $300 ($60 for ongoing  one hour sessions) or 10 sessions for $500 ($50 for ongoing one hour sessions). Rose Fire Energy Healing also offers distant reiki.

Gift certificates are available! Message or call Rose Fire Energy Healing to purchase. 

Health is wealth

Spiritual counseling and guidance

I also offer spiritual counseling and guidance as well as facilitate wellness classes in the

community. With the spiritual counseling I provide, there is no attachment to religion or dogma,

as it is simply about healing our human condition. During spiritual counseling, I offer non-

judgment active listening, goal, objective and intervention setting, inner child work and holistic healing techniques which can be applied at


1 hour spiritual counseling sessions are $60 an hour. A package can be purchased at a reduced rate  of 5 sessions for $250 ($50 for ongoing one hour sessions). Rose Fire Energy Healing offers both in person as well as virtual spiritual counseling and guidance sessions.  

Energy Oracle card readings are $45 for 30 minutes. In accordance to NYS, the card readings are for entertainment purposes only and are done via phone or skype. Readings are simply a tool to be made more aware of the energy one is putting out, which is always subject to change.

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