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Client Testimonials

"I started working with Heather after an integrative doctor recommended Reiki as part of my healing after being diagnosed with cancer. I was initially skeptical but now I look forward to each session as one of the best parts of my week! Heather is extremely kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and a powerful healer. Our sessions have not only provided me with relief from the stress and anxiety of my diagnosis, but I believe have also contributed to unexpected, positive outcomes as I battle this disease. Each session with Heather has been unique in both her approach and my personal experience. It’s clear that she is in tune with my personal energy and what is needed to help me heal during each visit. Her approach of using crystals, incense/smells, and sound healing to support the healing may vary, but is always on point. As a result, I have had a variety of experiences in connecting with my own personal energy and something more expansive. The best part about working with Heather has been knowing that she is invested in me as a person, not just as a paying client. She has always gone above and beyond to talk with me about my experiences during our sessions or suggest things I may be interested in or that may supplement my health journey. She has even texted just to check in on how I am doing! I would highly recommend Heather and Rose Fire to anyone who is looking to heal, improve energy flow, connect more to self, or even to learn how Reiki can support your well being. You will not be disappointed!"-Lisa

"Heather @ Rose Fire provides a wonderful healing environment and experience. She was very kind and compassionate, and my experience with her was peaceful and relaxing. She can definitely turn a skeptic into a believer in the benefits of energy healing! Anyone interested in energy healing should contact Heather!"-Mathew

"It was my first session and it was so peaceful and calming. I went in with a headache and left with more energy and no headache. It was a wonderful experience and Heather made everything perfect with the sounds, smells and warm and cozy blanket."-Beth

"Thank you for the amazing healing session Heather! I feel that your unique way of combining different modalities helps me to get to my root causes and enables me to clear emotional blockages. I immediately fall into a deep state of relaxation which allows various issues to come to the surface and allows me to release all that no longer serves my highest and best. You are an amazing healer and are making a huge impact in helping others to heal. I look forward to having another session with you . Brightest of Blessings to you and I thank you again for sharing your powerful healing energy gift with me."-Jean

"I’d been going through some rough times emotionally and mentally as well as a few odd physical symptoms that I’d never experienced before. I decided to try reiki therapy since no therapists were doing in person visits and I just couldn’t see getting therapy by talking on the phone. I also heard of the great benefits of energy healing. I came across Heather’s website and I decided I had nothing to lose. I called and set up my first session. Just talking to Heather I could tell she was a very caring person. She has a soothing voice and I just knew it would be a great experience! I was correct! The second I walked into the room I felt comfortable and relaxed. The oils and herbs smelled so good! The room was cozy and warm and Heather made sure I was comfortable. She started the session and all I can say is WOW!!! The sensations I felt and the colors I saw we’re amazing ! Heather worked on all my chakras and also used vibrational therapy. I left feeling like a new me! I felt like I was less anxious and more able to cope with stress. I went back for a second session and although I didn’t experience as many sensations and colors, the session was just as wonderful! Two days after my 2nd visit, the physical symptoms, to my amazement, were and still are gone!! I definitely will be continuing on this path of healing! I highly recommend everyone goes for energy healing! It’s time and money very well spent! Thank you Heather! I’m so grateful I found you."-Jennifer


'I recently just went to a teaching/class that I thoroughly enjoyed hosted by Heather from Rose Fire Energy Healing. Her knowledge on her teachings was on point and easy to follow. She was extremely organized in the way she orchestrated her class. She made it fun and entertaining while still keeping her points clear. Overall I highly recommend Heather from Rose Fire Energy Healing."-Steven

"I had a lot of questions about Reiki before my appointment, and Heather was very patient. She was very thoughtful and made sure I was comfortable during the treatment. I definitely felt some long-stored emotions surface during my session, and she gave me tips for how to work on specific chakras. The chakras that felt most "off" to me were the ones she identified (without me saying so). Heather is professional, respectful, and very helpful. Highly recommend!"- Tammy

"My energy healing session was just after a big operation. Heather's healing Reiki energy not only reduced pain but created a sense of comfort, calm and well-being that resonated throughout my entire body. I felt cared for and greatly respected. I highly recommend Heather. She is the real deal and an incredibly gifted healer" -Lisa

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