Client Experiences

"I had a lot of questions about Reiki before my appointment, and Heather was very patient. She was very thoughtful and made sure I was comfortable during the treatment. I definitely felt some long-stored emotions surface during my session, and she gave me tips for how to work on specific chakras. The chakras that felt most "off" to me were the ones she identified (without me saying so). Heather is professional, respectful, and very helpful. Highly recommend!"- Tammy

"My energy healing session was just after a big operation. Heather's healing Reiki energy not only reduced pain but created a sense of comfort, calm and well-being that resonated throughout my entire body. I felt cared for and greatly respected. I highly recommend Heather. She is the real deal and an incredibly gifted healer" -Lisa

"Had a great session with Heather I could really feel the energy! The addition of singing bowls and tuning forks was a nice touch would recommend 10/10!"-Jeff

"I used to go for reiki energy healing work in my neighborhood ( N. Goodman / University )... The woman whom I worked with retired about five years ago, so I was excited to find Heathers' flyer in my local coffee house. I can't really say what that gift is that makes a good energy healer, but whatever that is Heather has it! She is very genuine and kind and it's easy to relax and know your in good hands with Heather. She has helped me a lot so far in our first few sessions. I just wanted to write this review because I really appreciate and respect the attitude and effort Heather brings to her practice. Heather is a good egg...thanks for listening ."-Larry

"My first experience with Reiki has been with Heather and I have no plans on finding another Reiki Master! The space is inviting, warm and comfortable. You feel completely relaxed when you walk through the door. Heather has an amazing way of making you feel at ease and her focus is on you and your session. She has answered all of my questions and concerns with professionalism and care and always responds to messages of making appointments in a timely manor. I highly recommend giving her a try, it is not always easy to find such a loving soul as Heathers!" -Julie

Rose Fire Energy Healing BBB Business Review